Webinar: Circular electronics - Product as a service in a circular economy

Webinarier 2 juni 2021 1 min läsning

Watch this 50 minute webinar on how the circular economy will change our consumption patterns. This change has already started but is expected to drastically increase. This webinar will look into how this transformation will affect both businesses and purchasers.


  • Tomas Harttio, Nordic manager Collection and Recovery and Asset Sales at DLL

  • Tara Woodhurst, EMEA PC as a Service Business Development Manager at Dell

  • Riku Sinervo, Circular Economy Specialist at Sitra

Learn about:

  • Is it more sustainable buying products as a service?

  • How will these new business models affect you?

  • What are the challenges and barriers? Fill out the form and watch now!

Fill out the form and watch now