Recycle or reuse? The world of circular IT!

Nyheter 21 december 2020 1 min läsning

The circular economy is more than a buzz word. It is the new economic model which is supported by the European Union in its policies and adopted by a large number of big, innovative companies all over the globe.

To share their thoughts and knowledge Christoffer Sandell CEO of Inrego Global and Sebastian Holmström Circular Strategy Lead at Inrego joined the podcast Impact Radio at New Business Radio.

To support this new economic model is one thing, putting it to practice is another. What should we do with used IT equipment? Personally, the host Glenn van der Burg can’t wait to buy a new Macbook after three years of use. Although the current is still running fine. What does this look like on a large scale? What is circular IT? What is refurbished IT and what the difference is between recycle and re-use?

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