Inregos värld

Inrego har en central roll i den cirkulära ekonomin och är ett av få exempel på företag som jobbat med cirkulär ekonomi i praktiken under en lång tid. Genom vår cirkulära affärsmodell kombinerar vi affärer med att minska resursutnyttjandet. Läs mer och inspireras om vad vi gör på Inrego och hur vi vill bidra till en mer hållbar värld. Kolla in våra webinarier, nyheter, kundcase och vår postition och ställning i debatten.

Webinar: How to reduce the carbon footprint of your electronics


Watch this 50 minute webinar to learn more about the carbon impact of electronics and how we drastically can reduce emissions to reach your carbon footprint goals. Together with leading researchers we have calculated the climate benefit of reusing electronics. For example, reusing a laptop instead of buying a new one can save as much as 280 kg of carbon dioxide emissions.


  • Erik Pettersson, Environmental Manager, Inrego AB
  • Alexandra Wu, Project Manager, IVL
  • Sebastian Holmström, Circular Strategy Lead, Inrego AB

Attend and learn:

  • How can we measure the impact of reuse?
  • How much carbon impact does electronics production have?
  • What does a circular economy for electronics look like?

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Webinar: Circular electronics - Product as a service in a circular economy


Watch this 50 minute webinar on how the circular economy will change our consumption patterns. This change has already started but is expected to drastically increase. This webinar will look into how this transformation will affect both businesses and purchasers.


  • Tomas Harttio, Nordic manager Collection and Recovery and Asset Sales at DLL
  • Tara Woodhurst, EMEA PC as a Service Business Development Manager at Dell
  • Riku Sinervo, Circular Economy Specialist at Sitra

Learn about:

  • Is it more sustainable buying products as a service?
  • How will these new business models affect you?
  • What are the challenges and barriers? Fill out the form and watch now!

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Webinar: Circular electronics - Towards 100 percent reuse


Watch this 50 minute webinar on we can transition towards a circular electronics industry by 2030 and listen to market leading IT-resellers and researchers analyze this topic.


  • Henrik Lampa, Head of Sustainability at Dustin
  • Sara Nordbrand, Head of Group Sustainability at Telia
  • Alexandra Wu, Project manager at IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet
  • Sebastian Holmström, Circular Strategy Lead at Inrego

Watch the webinar to gain insight on:

  • Becoming circular - what does that really mean?
  • The road to 100% reuse – how do we get there?
  • Can we reach zero environmental footprint?

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Circular Economy and the Effects on our Industry


Inrego's CEO Christoffer Sandell is speaking together with the Circular Strategy Lead Sebastian Holmström about how the ITAD industry can make a positive impact on the circular economy.

Topics the speakers will touch upon:

  • Earths raw materials will run out
    Our common responsibility to push the society to the right direction
  • The need of supply
    The challenge of buying & selling used IT
  • New regulations: The new circular economy action plan
    Let’s ensure longer lasting products

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